CARLA SELVA; Graphic Design Carla Selva (she/her) is a Berlin based graphic designer. She holds a BA in communication design (photography & editorial design) and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.
We all should be Lichens We all should be Lichens. 2019
Graphic design and logotype in collaboration with Paul Zech for the exhibition we all should be lichens – tentacular positions and perspectives on the Anthropocene.
Archive.org/search: Digital Landscape Archive.org/search: Digital Landscape. 2018.
Digital Landscape is a process of visual research into the world’s largest free digital library: the Internet Archive. The book presents an intuitive selection of algorithmically provided cultural artefacts. It thematises the vague openness within and one’s respective outlook on digital spaces. An outlook that is determined by numerous factors, which can indeed influence one another in turn. These include: the existing infrastructure and technical facilities; intransparent automated processes determined by other parties; one’s own associative search and subjective perception of its outcome. Hence areas of knowledge are formed, as interpretations generate meaning and potential courses of action. The sources of all included material are in the public domain and can be traced with its identifier code in the database of the Internet Archive.
AIWON is a design fiction play. The specimens telling a tale are based on notation systems used to transcribe movement in both dancing and engineering.
Human Particles of the Living Sun Human Particles of the Living Sun. 2021.
What’s the Story Morning Glory What’s the Story Morning Glory. 2020
Graphic design for the publication and performance What’s the Story Morning Glory? in collaboration with Paul Zech and Anna Maria Krężel.
work/stage work/stage. 2020.
Poster design for the exhibition work/stage at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in collaboration with Christine Pascoe.